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posted Jan 7, 2019, 1:39 PM by Julian Robbins

I hope all had a good Christmas Holiday.

Pack 57 has a Pinewood Derby build night. We need the help of any scouts that have time to help.


Pinewood Derby build night

6:30-7:30p          Monday January 7 (Tonight)

Rushing Circle Warehouses (off South Rodney Parham between I-630 and Kanis Road)


T59 will have a PLC tomorrow for the new Senior Patrol Leader and any previous Patrol Leaders.


6:30-7:30p Tuesday January 8

ACCESS – 1500 N. Mississippi


In addition, registration is due and payment can be received Tuesday. It is - DUE 1/15/2019. $35 for registration only, additional $12 for Boys Life.

* Please verify that you address information is correct in Scoutbook. This will be what is maintained by BSA overall, so please verify.

* Anyone older than 18, must complete the new YPT at www.my.scouting.org . This is MANDATORY! You must actually get through ALL parts and actual get your certificate emailed to you, then forwarded to Ms. Robbins. As a person who has gone through the new training 3 times - plan to have difficulties. You must contact the help number on 972-580-2489 for assistance if you cannot remember your details to sign in. For those asking, there is no video version of the new training at this time. If you need this, please contact the Scout Office and request dates for onsite training.



Brad Chilcote

Scoutmaster Troop 59

First Christian Church

Little Rock, AR

M 501.425.3940