Troop Guidelines

Troop 59 is a local unit of the Pinnacle District, Quapaw Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. The troop, organized in 1962, is chartered to First Christian Church. Currently, the troop has around 25 active Scouts and 4 Scoutmasters. Troop 59 is a "Boy Led" troop utilizing the Patrol Method.

Since the troop was chartered in 1957, 55+ members have earned the Eagle Award, Scouting's highest youth award.

Troop 59 meets every Tuesday evening from 7:00 pm until 8:15 pm at the Church Sanctuary, 1500 North Mississippi, Little Rock, AR 72207. Patrols are encouraged to also hold separate patrol meetings.

Our Patrol Leaders Council(PLC) is composed of the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Leadership and Patrol Leaders. The PLC meets monthly before the weekly troop meeting 6:30 p.m.

The Troop Committee is made up of the Committee Chairman, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members, Friend of Troop 59 and interested parents. One parent from the family of each new Scout should join the Troop Committee or commit to helping the troop in some way in the delivery of the troop program. The main function of the Troop Committee is to assist in planning and carrying out the activities of the troop. The Troop Committee also helps to raise the funds needed for equipment and operating expenses.

The annual fee is currently $33 for Scouts. Adults who go camping must register with the B.S.A. The Scout fee covers B.S.A. Registration.

Monthly campouts are usually held at the cost approximately $15 per Scout for food costs. Each patrol responsible for purchasing the food that will be used during each campout.

Troop 59 Courts of Honor are held at least two times each year. The purpose of the Court of Honor is to award Advancement in Rank and Merit Badges signifying a Scout's progress. Family members and other guests are always welcome at these events. Courts of Honor are usually held in the First Christian Fellowship Hall.

Eagle Courts of Honor are very special events. Each new Eagle Scout is presented his Eagle Badge, Certificate and other items. Since the event is the culmination of several years of effort on the part of the new Eagle, Troop 59 attempts to make the event a memorable occasion. A reception follows each Eagle Court. A display of the new Eagle's Scouting memorabilia is shown.

Parental involvement is essential to an active troop. Parent participation can be in several ways: as resources for the Scouts as they progress in ranks, by seeing that the Scouts have the necessary materials for study and work on advancements and awards, by assisting in fund-raising activities, by assisting in the transportation of Scouts to and from camping and other troop activities and in general by encouraging the Scouts to persevere in the Scouting Program.

Advancement to the various ranks in the Scouting program is encouraged by the activities in which the troop participates. This will include work on advancement activities during troop meetings and at monthly campouts plus special merit badge workshops from time to time. Although the troop provides a "climate" which encourages advancement, the "timing" of a Scout's advancement will depend, to a large extent, upon his own initiative.

Most rank advancement for the first three ranks is normally passed off by the Scout's Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, by another older Scout who holds at least the next highest rank.

Merit Badges require more skilled supervision and are earned with the assistance of an approved adult Merit Badge Counselor skilled in that particular area. When a Scout wishes to pursue a particular Merit Badge, he should contact the Scoutmaster to obtain approval and the name of a Counselor. The Scout should keep ALL cards that are presented to him at Courts of Honor, i.e., cards of rank and Merit Badge cards.

A Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review are held before a Scout may advance in rank. The Scout must be in complete uniform and have his Scout Handbook when he attends his Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.

Uniforms may be purchased at the B.S.A. Quapaw Area Council Scout Shop in Little Rock. Troop 59 also has an established a "uniform bank" to help with providing uniforms to Scouts. Check with one of the adults leaders during troop meetings to see what is currently available.

When to Wear the Uniform-

Class A 
Winter Troop meetings 
Traveling with the troop to and from campouts 
Staffing Scout events
When required by adult or youth leadership 

Class B Troop
Summer Troop Meetings