T59 - Reservoir Park 6pm March 16 (next Tuesday) Scouts back into the flow of meetings

posted Mar 10, 2021, 6:16 AM by Julian Robbins
Some scouts and the PLC met last night and discussed the logistics of an event to get scouts back into the flow of meetings, since we haven't met for quite a while. Here is what we decided on:

Location: Resevoir Park
Date: March 16 (next Tuesday), 6PM
Gameplan: We will meet at the baseball field at Resevoir park, and play a few rounds of kickball! After that, we will go up to the pavillion, and enjoy pizza, soda, and cookies! If the opportunity presents itself, we will talk about advancements with younger scouts.
We will also review upcoming events and decide the details.

Items to get:
• Brad: pizza, lanterns, kickball
• Max: cookies and soda

• April event idea - Bike Trek!
• May 14-16 event - COPE (you should've received an email about this from Mrs. Annie)
• We need to hold an election for SPL!

If you are interested in attending the COPE event, you need to respond back to me by noon Saturday March 20.